The Global Goals

The Global Goals

i2i Events Group are proud to be supporting Global Goals, and we’re on a mission to TELL EVERYONE.

On September 25th 2015, 193 world leaders will gather at the United Nations and commit to 17 Global Goals with the aim of achieving 3 extraordinary things in the next 15 years.

  • End extreme poverty
  • Fight inequality & injustice
  • Fix climate change

These 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development are a to-do list for people and the planet. But right now, no one knows about them, and they’ll only happen if EVERYONE knows. So let’s tell EVERYONE WE CAN REACH.

When the Global Goals are announced at the United Nations in September, it’s our hope a simple message explaining what they are appears on every website and billboard, in every school, is broadcast on every TV station and radio station, is played in every cinema, pinned to every community noticeboard and send to every mobile phone. But that’s just the start.

We want EVERYONE to text and tweet them to their friends, sing them to their families, wear them on a t-shirt, debate them in their village, share them at their school, email them to colleagues, Instagram them with a pet. Whatever can be done to spread the message of the Global Goals, not just in September but long after.

Take a look at these films to find out more

Everyone needs everyone
No point going halfway
The Global Goals campaign
Behind the scenes - Global Cinema Ad

Take a selfie, tweet, post and share #GlobalGoals

Chiwetel-Ejiofor Freida Jamie-Cullum Justin-Tims
Mariella Richard-Curtis Tanya-Burr tell everyone

We’re going to do all we can to help achieve the aim of reaching 7 BILLION PEOPLE IN 7 DAYS. And we need your help to TELL EVERYONE.

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