It’s Not Nice to Cross-Examine Your Customers

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It’s Not Nice to Cross-Examine Your Customers

It’s Not Nice to Cross-Examine Your Customers

Leading analyst groups have dubbed this the ‘Age of the Customer’, and declared customer experience the new ‘competitive battleground’.  To their credit, many retailers are responding with extensive customer experience (CX) initiatives. One of the first steps they take is to start sending an overabundance of surveys.

Unfortunately, this often means customers receive a barrage of long, arduous questionnaires that focus more on what the retailer wants to know than on what customers what to share. The result: survey fatigue and an unpleasant experience for customers.

Earlier this year, global Customer Experience provider InMoment introduced a new technology called Active Listening that can understand what customers are typing, and follow up with relevant questions to encourage them to give more detail – all in real-time.

This friendly approach is yielding comments that are much richer in insights. U.S. retailer EXPRESS saw a 37% increase in comment length and a 33% increase in survey volume after implementing Active Listening. It also makes the experience of giving feedback a more positive one for customers.

InMoment will unveil a multilingual version of Active Listening at the World Retail Congress. Available in more than 90 languages, Active Listening will support multi-market, global, and even retailers serving multilingual customers within a single market to engage with them in a more friendly and relevant way.

InMoment CEO John Sperry and Nan Russell, head of the company’s Global Centre of Excellence and an expert on global and multinational retail customer experience programmes, will be on-hand to at the WRC to discuss new CX trends, and provide one-on-one demonstrations of this exciting new technology, which received the Silver Stevie® Award in the Best New Product or Service of the Year category in The 12th Annual International Business Awards this August.

Attendees and media wishing to pre-book time with Mr. Sperry and Ms. Russell can contact Lisa Davis at, or are welcome to stop in at InMoment’s booth.

For more information about InMoment, please visit

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