An interview with Ronan Hurley, COO, Luxola

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An interview with Ronan Hurley, COO, Luxola

An interview with Ronan Hurley, COO, Luxola

1. How many markets do you operate in?

We have a presence in Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand but ship to a total of 11 countries worldwide – Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Brunei, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, The Philippines and United Arab Emirates.

2. The retail space is extremely fast-paced. How do you ensure you’re ahead of the trend (and your competitors)?

The e-commerce market in SEA was relatively young when we entered, allowing us to capture a large market share due to the first mover advantage.

We are an online retailer, but strive to be more than just a marketplace for customers. Driven by our customer-centric vision and content strategy, we seek to empower customers by educating them through our campaigns and online presence - be it on our digital magazine, LX Edit or across our social media platforms.

Our efficient delivery network and real-time customer service also provides customers with a world class shopping experience.

In staying relevant with the time and staying ahead of the competition, our merchandisers are working tirelessly to bring in exclusive cult and trending brands that are not easily available in our markets.

3. What changes is your company making to adapt to the new consumer? I.e. they want to be more informed and therefore have more power over what you’re developing

We are dedicated to finding new ways of reaching consumers through relevant content across our markets.  Having discovered the lack of online review sites catered to the Asian market, we developed a product review platform to help our consumers make purchasing decisions. With such reviews available online, consumers are better informed allowing them to make wiser shopping choices to suit their individual needs. 

LX Edit, our digital lifestyle magazine is a platform for our consumers to keep up with beauty trends, ‘how to’ tutorials and draw inspiration into their daily lives. With articles such as “The Right Foundation for Asian Skin” and global Fashion Week reviews, we keep our readers well informed.

In regard to user-experience, we recently optimised our mobile-site to ensure that our customers continue to have a fuss-free shopping experience - wherever they are.

4. How is your company getting more ‘’personal’’?

Our customers are at the heart of what we do and we are always working to make each shopping experience at Luxola catered to the individuals’ needs.  We have an incredibly capable customer service team that helps with the shopping experience - while providing personalised recommendations.

We are also launching LX Insider, our new customer loyalty program, in May. Besides rewarding our customers, this program also allows us to make even more personalised recommendations.

5. What’s next for Luxola? (ex. moving into new markets, focusing on the new consumer, doing the same as always, etc)

Our customer has always been at the heart of everything we do; we will continue to look at opportunities that will help optimise the customer experience.  Stay tuned to to find out more!

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