Applied Brilliance Trends: Disruptive Creativity + Millennial Retail Rebels

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Applied Brilliance Trends: Disruptive Creativity + Millennial Retail Rebels

Applied Brilliance Trends: Disruptive Creativity + Millennial Retail Rebels

Guest post by MaryLeigh Bliss, Trends Analyst, Ypulse

Everyone has an opinion about the most influential group in the marketplace, Millennials. They are a powerful force for change, with their fingertips in everything from online behavior to workplace design. And they are very clear about what they expect from a retail experience, both online and off.

Disruptive Creativity

Millennials are fascinated with things that are operating outside the norm.  Growing up in a world where they were encouraged to add their own creative spin to everything, they find ways to rebel, manipulate systems, and adopt things as their own in creative and constructive ways. They’re picking and choosing elements of traditions that work for them, then blending these elements in unique ways. They’re making their voices heard by inventing and supporting new systems that rethink old practices and opt out of old structures. They’re approaching the world with an innovative eye and replacing customs, conventions, and established notions in the process. They’re purposefully disrupting the status quo to make a bigger cultural statement.

Retail Rebels

One major way they’re supporting creative disruption is by being retail rebels. Though the theme of rebellion hasn’t traditionally resonated with rule-following Millennials, we are starting to see them subtly rebel through their purchasing choices. Having easy access to information, understanding where products come from and how they are created, Millennials often feel guilty with traditional consumption. About 60% of Millennials say they have felt guilty about making a purchase. To combat that guilt, and sometimes to rebel against old ways of production, Millennials are starting to “put their money where their mouths are” by supporting creatively disruptive brands and distribution. For example, 67% of Millennials like buying from companies that say they are disrupting the status quo. Each purchase from a brand that is rethinking production systems or making social justice a part of their brand ethos makes Millennial consumers feel like they are in the center of a rebellion against an outdated world. 

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